Charity Project – Fidget Quilts

IMG_0396A member came across a great idea for anyone wanting to make a charity quilt – Fidget Quilts for Alzheimer patients. Many Alzheimer patients are constantly moving/fidgeting their hands so this gives them something to feel, touch and hold. Anyone interested in making one of these charity quilts can donate them to Youville Continuing Care Centre in St. Albert

If anyone is interested in making a “Fidget Quilt” for Alzheimer’s patients as one of our charity projects, I’ve listed some information below:

– it has been suggested that the quilts be approximately 20” x 20”

– I cut my blocks 5 1⁄2” square

– before assembling the blocks, you might want to decide what you want to add as far as velco, zippers, beads, bobbles, buttons, keys, pockets, rick rack (to name a few) or whatever else you can think of that might keep their hands busy, as you might want to attach them to ribbons or twill tape and sew them into the seams

– different textures of fabrics are a good idea as well

It’s a good project to use up some of your scraps.

Want more information on Fidget Quilts? Check out the Fidget Quilt project with Rowe Together. Here is also an article from the Times.


2 thoughts on “Charity Project – Fidget Quilts

  1. This is a great idea. I’m looking for someone to please donate me a fidget quilt or a lap one for a wheelchair. My husband is in stage 7b alz. And with hospice. Its difficult for me to make one. Plus they are expensive. Would anyone please guide me to the right place. Thank you so much
    Really appreciate it
    Mrs. Sue

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