Block of the Month – Block 1


Block of the Month Block 1 – Improv stripes

13” square background material
various coloured strips 1.5 to 3” width

1. Lay the background square on the cutting mat and cut through at an angle.


2. Attach the first coloured strip of fabric to the one side of the cut. and trim the ends.


3. Mark the center of the coloured strip and the background fabric. Line up centers, right sides together and pin.


4. Attach the second piece of background fabric so you now have a block of background fabric with a strip of colour.


5. Repeat the steps above for additional coloured strips (2-3 more times).IMG_1938

Note: When adding additional strips that pass through an existing strip it is important to line up the middle of the strip as well as lining up the seams from the strip that you cross through.


6. Trim finished block to 12.5 inches square

Note if you are doing quilt as you go add a 1.5 inch border before quilting this square


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