Share your Photo’s and Get Involved!

Hello again Edmonton Quilting Peeps.

Want to get involved in the Edmonton Modern Quilt Guild but aren’t sure how? Start by sharing your quilt photo’s with us! By adding your photo’s to our Flickr stream- you can share your creations with the Edmonton Modern Quilt Guild! September 22 is a long way away and we certainly don’t want to have to wait to see your creations, so share them with us! 

Next, lets play a get to know you game! Post a comment introducing yourself to the Edmonton MGQ! Share your quilting story with us- what got you started quilting, and why did you stick with it? Or, simply post and say hi!

Can’t wait to hear from you!


Welcome to… the Edmonton Modern Quilt Guild!

Hello All! Edmonton Quilting Peeps as I think you shall be called… welcome to the Edmonton Modern Quilt Guild!

What exactly is a modern quilt guild? We’re a group of quilters who enjoy quilting, any aspect or every aspect of it. Whether you are a hard core quilter, have only made that one quilt once, a while ago, or are just considering quilting as your next super awesome hobby, the Edmonton MGQ is for you!

Both online and in real life we connect Edmonton and areas modern quilters- that is, quilters who maybe break rules, who’s corners might not always match, who aren’t afraid to use red pink orange and purple all in the same quilt, who have maybe used solids in quilts, or who simply want to meet some new people. We don’t judge you when your corner is a 1/4 inch out, we don’t look down our noses at your 1/2 inch long quilting stitches, but we ooh and awe over your first quilt, your second quilt, and your four hundredth quilt. We are no rules quilters, who quilt quilts, we are todays quilters, the modern quilter. 

This isn’t your grandmothers quilt guild.

So if you want to meet quilters like you, get involved! Post comments, submit your own blog posts, pictures, links, and comments. Check us out on twitter (@edmontonmqg) or on Facebook (search “Edmonton Modern Quilt Guild”), and keep coming back to our website. Or come to our first meeting: Its September 22 at 7:00 PM at Quilters Dream North (10736 124 Street, Edmonton).

Hope to hear from you soon!