Isolette Cover

Isolette Cover (6 piece cover for incubators in NICU, Royal Alex)

***** we are working on the graphics for the pattern, but for now this will give you and idea of the pattern *****

Each cover has 6 pieces – top, end piece, #1 left flap (1L), #1 right flap (1R) #2 left flap (2L), #2 right flap (2R).


Each piece is composed of 3 layers:

  • outer fabric (~2 m)
  • needlepunch/ batting (~1 m)
  • inner fabric (~ 2 m)


NOTE: The cover should prevent some light transfer. The original pattern used blackout fabric as well as batting. The pattern has been modified to use:

  1. 1 layer of black batting or
  2. 1 layer of natural/white batting with a dark coloured inner fabric or
  3. 2 layers of natural/white batting


Preparation of the 6 pieces:

  1. Cut pieces and mark darts as per pattern pieces on #1L, 2L, 1R and 2R. For each piece:
  2. Layer inner fabric (right side down), batting and outer fabric (right side up).
  3. Pin and mark with grid lines 3 ¼ inches apart (or use your own design that will yield a quilt design of similar stability)
  4. Quilt design using a large stitch and walking foot.
  5. Make darts in #1L, 1R, 2L and 2R and press as indicated.
  6. Serge around all pieces.


Twill Tape binding (1 inch wide):

  1. Cut 1 piece 70 inches long and bind the end piece, leaving a tail extension of 2-3 inches at the start and finish (stitch tape to the inner side first, fold over and stitch on the outer fabric side)
  2. Cut 2 pieces 75 inches long and bind # 2L and #2R pieces as above.
  3. Cut 1 piece 150 inches long for completed #1L/1R/top piece. Reserve until cover is assembled.



  1. Stitch the end piece to the wide end of the top piece, matching centers and making sure that the pieces are aligned straight.


top                  end




  1. Align #2L and #2R along the long side of the top piece, ensuring that they are placed directly opposite each other.


top                  end


  1. c.      Flip the end piece over the outer fabric of the top piece so that it lays flat on the top. Starting at the (X) corner of the wide end of the top, stitch #2 L and #2R to the top. (When assembled, these 2 pieces will overlap the end piece  by ~2 inches on each side)                            X – corner




#2R piece


  1. Stitch #1L and #1R to the top piece, starting at the dart corner near the narrow end of the top piece. Stop stitching 6 inches from the end of these pieces where they meet with #2 pieces. This will allow the 150 inch piece of binding tape to be added in one section across the top and both #1 pieces.


  1. Add the binding tape as indicated.


  1. Serge the inside seam around the top piece to finish tails of binding tape.



Congratulations! You are finished!!!!! Thanks for all your hard work.






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