Africa Charity Activities

September 2012

JIKO Orphanage

The Edmonton Modern Quilt Guild has been presented with a wonderful opportunity to both continue to enjoy what we love, and offer support to a well deserved charity project. Through the husband of one of our members who works in Africa, we have the opportunity to sew quilts for some Ghanaian children of the Jesus Is King Orphanage in Western Ghana, West Africa. The orphanage is lovingly run by a Samuel Bangura and his wife Becky, and they are blessed with as many as 24 children between the ages of  four and 14.

Quilts will be transported and hand delivered to the children on our behalf. We hope our quilts will be welcomed with as much enthusiasm, and love as they are being sewn with.

Photos:  Click on an image to enlarge

This is the former Jesus Is King Orphanage.

And here is their new facility, recently built by volunteers like Gwen’s husband.

Some of the residents of the Jesus Is King Orphanage.

EMQG’s hand-crafted quilts will lovingly reside on the children’s beds.

You may visit the JIKO Orphanage website at:

Completed Quilts



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