Back to school… and quilting!

Hello fellow Quilting Peeps

While I certainly haven’t been “enjoying” the cooler weather, it has at least not been making me guilty about not being outside during the last few weeks of summer! Fall of course, means that it is only a few weeks until our first real-life meeting (September 22!) and I am getting pretty excited about it! Don’t forget to bring your ideas for the future of the Edmonton MGQ, and show and tell!

Yesterday I finished setting up a bunch of new furniture for my brand new sewing area, and it has made me pretty excited about quilting “studio’s” so, for the question of the week, what is your favorite and least favorite parts of your sewing areas?

See you soon!


Forum Forum Forum!

Hello there quilting peeps.

I’m super excited about this- we have a forum! Share your quilting stories, pictures, questions… your quilting anything really. And if that’s not what you’re up for, share your non-quilting stories, pictures, questions… whatever floats your boat really. So get involved, and share share share! (Apparently I’m big into repeating words 3 times today)

And the question of the week… what projects are you working on right now? What projects do you hope to get started on soon?