Ugly Fat Quarter Challenge

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Beach Treasures – This lovely throw pillow utilized fabric that looks like tide pools at low tide. The appliqué vase and tiny flip-flops (to be attached) represent some of the treasures our oceans bestow upon us daily.
This is truly a beautiful ugly fabric design. These amazing free-flowing geese sprang from a careful study and evaluation of stiff geometric patterns of the fabric. When combined with a perfect background and detailed embellishments, an amazingly beautiful study of nature emerges.
Darlene combined two projects into one. Here she displays a Fibre Art project utilizing strips of her Ugly Fat Quarter fabric. Other elements include embellishments and machine stitching on a paper bag base. Amazing.
The strips, stripes and curves of this colourful peacock table runner could entertain your eyes  all evening. I suspect it was as much fun to create as it is to view.     (Image 1 / 2)
This little pear is the perfect dinner companion for the Peacock Table Runner. Note the creative peacock leaf. (2 / 2)

Marie knew her Honky Tonk fabric was destined for the kitchen the instant she laid eyes it. She combined key images with a complementary background to create this fun and colourful apron. We could almost smell the barbequed ribs as she described her project.

Mase by Teresa Williams
Pirate Trasure began with an ugly fat quarter of sailing ships. Teresa was looking for an idea to create a quilt for her 15-year-old grandson and the sailing ships fabric (located under the ship blocks) pulled everything together.
Here is a close up of Teresa’s Pirate Treasure quilt. A lot of thread play was done to create dimention and the jewel was hand stitched into the eye socket.

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