April showers bring May Flowers….

Hey all! hope you are having a fantastic spring! Make sure you check out our next meeting-

Date: April 13, 2011

Demo: Karen on Fabric bleaching without bleach

Challenge: Theme fabrics! Use a theme fabric or make a theme quilt, or have one at home? Make it, find it, and bring it to guild and show us all!!

See you soon!




Hello all! Sorry for the lack of updates- life has become suprisingly busy, however, our next meeting:

Time: March 9th, 7:00 PM

Place: Quilters Dream North

Demo: Teresa on Fabric Baskets

Challenge: Rather than having a challenge, this month we are bringing our fabrics, books, patterns etc. that we don’t really want, or see ourselves using, and swapping them during the meeting! Should be a boatload of fun.

See you all soon!