Share your Photo’s and Get Involved!

Hello again Edmonton Quilting Peeps.

Want to get involved in the Edmonton Modern Quilt Guild but aren’t sure how? Start by sharing your quilt photo’s with us! By adding your photo’s to our Flickr stream- you can share your creations with the Edmonton Modern Quilt Guild! September 22 is a long way away and we certainly don’t want to have to wait to see your creations, so share them with us! 

Next, lets play a get to know you game! Post a comment introducing yourself to the Edmonton MGQ! Share your quilting story with us- what got you started quilting, and why did you stick with it? Or, simply post and say hi!

Can’t wait to hear from you!


9 thoughts on “Share your Photo’s and Get Involved!

  1. Hello! I’m Kathleen, and I started quilting before I can really remember. My mom used to put the foot pedal up on a box so that I could reach it before I was tall enough to reach it on the floor. I used my mom’s sewing machine so much that when I got a doll’s bib from Santa Clause that had some decorative stitching on it I got all excited because Santa had the same sewing machine as my mom! A real moment of pride for me. I’ve kept quilting because I love fabric and playing with fabric, and I just love making pretty things and awesome quilts. I love pretty much everything about quilting, and so why would I quit? Anyways, I can’t wait to hear some more stories!

  2. Hi, and yahoo to a new guiild, I am a hard core long time quilter and can’t wait to participate in the new guild. I don’t get anywhere near the correct amount of time for quilting, but do always have 12 on the go, and want to do another 66 patterns. A new guild? and right in my home area? YAHOOOOO!!

  3. This sounds really interesting. I have been wanting to join a guild. I attended one meeting at the Museum. It was okay, but a bit too big for my liking. I will be away in Europe in September, but hopefully, someone will keep me posted so I can get involved on my return.

  4. Hi AllA lady that I worked with is an amazing sewer and quilter. And I was joking around one day that she should teach me how to quilt. Another lady joined in the conversation and also wanted to join. Me and the other newby were talking about the lessons around the water cooler and another friend was very offended that we didn’t ask her to join. LOL. So the four of us would meet at my house once a month working on a Friendship Star runner. It was the beginning of a great group of friends. Sadly I left work to become a Mom and then one of the other ladies moved out of province and our group stopped meeting. We are all still quilting. I just finished an oversize lap quilt for my nieces wedding. Black and White X-Blocks. I’m so excited for her to see it. And…… I finished 2 weeks before the wedding. I never do that. I’m always finishing the projects the night before or morning of.I would love to meet more people that love quilting as much as me. It keeps me working. I’ve thought of attending the Edmonton Quild, Fort Sask Quild and Sherwood Park Quild but the dates didn’t work out for me. I like the fact we can keep in touch between meeting because I forget about the meetings. Sorry for talking (typing) your ears (eyes) off. Keep the stories coming, love to read about others.

  5. I love to do quilts even though they are not that big I am starting with baby and lap quilts. I checked into a couple of quilds, but they were too far away or to large for me. I have only started 2 yrs ago and I am still getting my feet wet, and really enjoying it. I will be away in Sept, but would like to attend the following metting if I can

  6. I tried to add pictures to the group but they aren’t showing. Did I do something wrong? Please help and thanks.Vicky

  7. You have to make sure that you have your photo’s set to public, and for some pictures you have to be logged in to view them. To be honest, I’ve been having some problems with this myself….

  8. Hi, My name is Carolyn. I have never belonged to a guild before and have only dabbled in quilting over the past decade or so. I have been much more serious about it this past year and hope to learn new techniques. I really enjoy making my own patterns and doing applique work. I also am really excited to meet like minded people!! Whoot Whoot!

  9. Hi, my name is Marianne and I'm quite excited about this new guild. I've been quilting for a few years but joining a guild is new for me. I'm out of town for the actual first meeting. So sad!!!! I quilt with a group of friends on a weekly basis. We affectionately call ourselves "The Blockheads" We have a great time and actually get some quilting done in between our "visiting".A quick question. Do I need to have a Ficker account or can I share pictures through facebook? This is all a bit new for me but I did manage to sign up as a member. As far as I can see there are now 2 of us now. Yes!! It's a start right?

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