Block of the Month – Wonky Log Cabin

Block of the Month – Wonky Log Cabin.


It is December and that means it is time for a new block!  Can you believe that we are on the fifth block already?  This month is a variation on a log cabin block, it is fairly easy and quick which is great for sewing project in the busy holiday season!  As a special treat for this month I have given you two variations of the block – you can pick which one you would like to do or make them both, it is up to you!IMG_1946



Various width strips of your fabric



  1. Pick a small piece of fabric for the center of your cabin (Note – this piece does not have to be square, it is fine for it to be a rectangle or even a little angular).IMG_1932
  2. Take a strip of fabric and sew it to one side of your piece from step 1.  Press open and trimIMG_1933IMG_1934
  3. Sew the same color to next side of your inner piece of fabric, press and trim.IMG_1935
  4. Continue to work your way around the inner piece until it has a strip on each side.  Note that the strips you add do not need to be the same width on each side!IMG_1936
  5. OPTIONAL:  Doing this step will give your the tilted variation of the block, skipping it will give you the more square version of the block.  Using a Ruler cut off some of sides at an angle so that the block no longer square.IMG_1941
  6. Repeat steps 2 – 5 with your block, expanding it outward until it is a 12.5” square.  Note – it is okay to go a little over the 12.5” you will trim it.IMG_1945 IMG_1938
  7. Trim your square to 12.5”.IMG_1947

Need to catch up on previous month’s blocks?  You can find them all here.


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