Block of the Month – String block

Block #4 – String Block


1 to 3 “ wide Various coloured strips
3.5 “ strip background fabric
Newsprint or other lightweight paper
Note: if using darker fabrics were any possible transfer of ink will not show I highly suggest using newsprint or an old paper as it is much easier to remove! I did not have any trouble with ink transfer when doing this, but it possible depending on the newsprint you use
String Block template (Note when printing be sure to set printer to “print actual size” and to check the measurements on the template with your printout)

1. Shorten your stitch length (because we are stitching on paper you will that yourself later when you have to remove all the paper).
2. Using the template, cut out 4 pieces of newsprint or lightweight paper.
3. Take your first coloured strip and lay it on your paper foundation covering one end.

4. Take a second coloured strip and lay it on top of the first (right sides together) with the edges matching toward the rest of the foundation. Sew a ¼” seam along the matched edges through the fabric and paper.


Note: strips do not have to be straight, if you wish for a more “wonky” look feel free to use strips that are tapered.  The goal is simply to work across the paper template and “fill” it in.
5. Press open the fabric (you can trim off the excess fabric near the paper if you wish).

6. Take another strip of fabric and place on top of the pressed fabric.  Sew a 1/4 “ seam and press open.

7.Repeat until you reach the end of the paper foundation.

8. Trim the long edges of the block along the paper foundation/template.

9. Lay the background fabric along the long edge of your pieced strip and sew on with a ¼” seam, press open. Repeat for the second side.

10. Using the corners of the template/foundation trim the remaining sides of the block to create a 6.5” square Trimming should make your background fabric into triangles.

11. Repeat until you have 4 6.5” blocks.

12. Arrange your blocks to your pleasing and sew together to form a 12.5” block. Here are a few ideas.






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