Reminder – meeting tomorrow January 9

Just a reminder to come out for our regular monthly meeting at 7:00 pm, Wednesday, January 9 at Quilters Dream North – 10736  – 124 Street, Edmonton.  New members and visitors are welcome, the back door is open about 6:45 pm and meetings and guild membership have no charges.


That is the quilt Ioleen made for the Africa Charity Project, you will get to see it tomorrow.

For the first 2013 meeting bring along:

  • show and tell – anything that you have finished or are working on that you would like to share.
  • your name tag, if you made one last month remember to bring it and for the new members or those catching up, the December challenge was to make a name tag that reflects your style – we hope you will make one too.
  • bring your ideas for the EMQG logo – this is the January challenge and there is more information here.
  • bring any of your quilts that you would like photographed for the blog or our flickr page. I will bring her camera and some lights so we can take some nicer photos

I hope to post some more photos later tonight from the earlier meetings, and get the details of the community block up on the blog, and if not they will go up later this week after the meeting. I will bring some samples of the community block and instructions to the meeting tomorrow too.

See you there! If you have any questions leave a comment here or send us an email at


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