Plans Plans Plans!

Hello Quilting Peeps!

We had a delightful meeting on Wednesday, and got a lot of planning for future meetings and events done. We got to see the results of our “Make Something Out Of Something You Normally Wouldn’t Make Something Out Of” and got to see some awesome fabric bowls and an Origami Kimono quilt. We also got to see show and tell, play some games, and had a demo on couching yarn in spirals.

We are going to be having a quilting day at Westmount Community League at some point in November: thanks to Teresa for organizing this! The date will be announced very soon! In the meantime, we are exchanging some community involvement for the quilting space there, so if you have ideas let us know! 

Our challenges for the upcoming month are:

1) The Ugly Fabric Challenge: Make something out of the ugliest fabric in your stash, see if you can’t make it into something beautiful!

2) The Challenge Challenge: Come up with a challenge that can be used in the future!

We also have dates and demo’s for our upcoming meetings!

Tuesday November 9th, Demo TBA

Wednesday January 12th, Demo by Sacha on Applique

Wednesday February 9th, Demo on by Karen on Fabric bleaching without bleach

Wednesday March 9th, Demo by Teresa on Fabric Baskets

Wednesday April 13th, Demo by Darlene on Fabric painting with Stencils

Wednesday  May 11th, Demo TBA

If you want to volunteer for one of our empty demo spaces, or have an idea for a topic but don’t want to demo it yourself, email, or leave a comment!

While your here, why don’t you check out our forums? Click the “forum” button at the top of the page, and interact with each other by posting questions, topics, and whatever else you find interesting! 

Talk to you all soon!





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