One week until the next meeting!

Hello all!! 

I thought that I would just sent out a quick reminder that our next meeting is October 20 at 7:00, Quilters Dream North!

Some of our members have been inquiring about various community leagues for us to sew in, so we will definitely be making some decisions about where and when we all want to sew together!

Don’t forget this months challenge- to make something out of something you normally wouldn’t make something out of. Wether that is a quilt out of old shirts, a bag out of mens ties, or whatever else your creative minds have come up with. If you worked on the challenge, but can’t make it to the meeting, email your pictures, or post them to our flickr page! We still want to see what you are making!

Bring your other show and tell too! We all want to know what you have been working on for the past month!

If anyone wants to demo a technique please email me! Or, is there anything you find interesting and would like a demo on? Email that too, or post on our blogs or forum!

At any rate, I’ll talk to you all soon! 

Happy Quilting



PS: If you didn’t get this message, it means that you are not on the mailing list: if you want to be on it, email to get on the list!


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